Natal chart discussion with a client
Natal chart discussion with a client


HEAVEN SENT STARS | Astrology for the Soul

provides a variety of astrological services from individualized chart analyses to group learning seminars and webinars. 

A caveat: Astrology is not fortune telling. Rather, it is an ancient science and art hybrid - and it was only in the late 18th century severed from astronomy. Learn more about the history.

Heaven Sent Stars' resident astrologer has been studying for over a quarter of a century, has read many hundreds of charts, and pursues ongoing professional development, notably with master teachers within the Astrology University learning community. She is also a founding member of the international Ethics in Astrology Committee.

Heaven Sent Stars' wide range of readings offer in-depth personality portraits, identify spiritual and material themes and patterns, and help provide motivation, information, and direction for meeting life's challenges, and successes. You can also give back by sponsoring a reading for incarcerated folks through our Stars Behind Bars program.

Our satisfied clients range from entrepreneurs & lawyers, to healthcare practitioners & artists. Discover your own soul's plan. Visit the Emporium.

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