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As every astrology buff knows, Venus rules money and love. 

Traditionally, Venus in Virgo gets a bad rap. How so? Because in that sign, Venus is posited as "in fall," where her powers are weakest (and the opposite of being "in exaltation," which she is when in the sign of Pisces).  Unfortunately, barring exceptional Jupiterian, Plutonic - and certain other lucky - placements and aspects, it is true that if you have this placement, you'll likely never live a life of great wealth. It tends towards austerity. As well, Venus in Virgo is usually interpreted as having a chilling, or inhibiting, effect on the romantic nature. In many cases, I've found this to be true. 

But there are also substantial gifts that come with this placement, which astrologers sometimes overlook. 

There are substantial gifts associated with this placement

I've compiled a list over the years. Here are just some of the benefits of Venus in Virgo. These manifest in the life of a good client of mine who is a gifted designer, excelling at most art forms, design, creative crafts, and interior decor. She is extremely detail-oriented in her artistic work, and known by employers to be the polar opposite of the flaky absent-minded artist (incidentally, qualities associated with Pisces, which is Virgo's opposite sign). She can be relied upon to pull together every facet of a design job. 

Other good examples of how Virgo can strengthen Venus include the ability to live on a very small income, and an aptitude for helping friends and partners (ruled by Venus) heal from illness or aches (Virgo is the archetypal nurse), especially using holistic, alternative, or the latest cutting-edge wellness techniques and resources. And, it creates a devoted, caring, and reliable spouse or partner. 

While Virgo planets can be associated with a life of modest income (or at least, its appearance - think the millionaire who drives a twenty-year old second-hand car), the flip side is that Venus in Virgo makes you exceedingly thrifty and lucky when it comes to finding bargains. My client with that placement creates magic and beauty on a shoestring budget, and says that while she does struggle financially, and therefore buys almost all of her clothes and furnishings at thrift shops, she invariably receive compliments about her wardrobe, and her home decor. And, at thrift boutiques, she reliably finds treasures that other people don't. She's that shopper who somehow always stumbles upon the $300 designer item, still brand new in its packaging, for $3. Her Venus has no adverse aspects, so that helps. 

That shopper who somehow always stumbles upon the $300 designer item, still brand new in its packaging, for $3.

One more note... Virgo is the sign of The Perfectionist, The Critic, and The Judge, and so Venus in Virgo will tend to automatically offer their appreciation to their friends and partners (ruled by Venus) in the form of feedback and critique. So if you have a friend or significant other with that placement, be forgiving. When they criticize you, they actually mean well. They do it because they truly care about you!

Do you have Venus in Virgo? Know someone who does? Share your thoughts and questions below!




Each Zodiac sign contains intriguing paradox and polarity. 

Libra can mete out justice with a steely sword and never look back, yet will dither for years before arriving at their judgement. 

Leo can perform grandiosity like nobody's business, yet also stun you with their naked humility. 

Virgo embodies hygiene and sterility, but they are often also, remarkably, the filthiest slobs of the zodiac!

Aquarius is the best friend everybody needs, and can chill a romantic partner with their aloof unemotionality.


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