"Highly recommended! Heaven Sent is an extremely thorough astrologer. She is always clear, taking her time on each area, but then (importantly) *synchronising* these individual points to give the overall picture of a person - the mark of a good astrologer! Her ability to do this sets her apart.  I would recommend her to both beginners and also those looking for significantly deeper insights. She uses the skill of clarity to wade into deeper territory as the reading progresses. Whilst having been interested in astrology for a while (and well versed in my sun, moon and ascendant), I learned a wealth of information from Heaven Sent's consultation, and have replayed it a few times already!"


Musician, United Kingdom

"I loved my Custom Natal Astrology Chart reading! It was my first time experiencing a one-on-one reading with an expert astrologist and I was truly amazed. Heaven Sent was very thorough and our session really opened up new worlds for me. I look forward to our next reading! I highly recommend!" 


Doula, USA

"The seminar was a great night and I learned a lot. Thank you!!!"


Student, USA

"Thank you again for a wonderful and very helpful reading."


Administrator, USA


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