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We will email you proposed scheduling times, and a link to our payment app. If you live in Urbana-Champaign, a reading can be done in a local café, otherwise sessions are conducted via Skype, or telephone, and are recorded for your added convenience. Upon request, we can email you a copy of the audio record. Every reading includes a digital copy of your personalized astrological chart.

If you are interested in attending an online group astrology webinar, let us know, and we'll put you on our mailing list so that you can be among the first to register.


All Readings Include Your Personal Star Map

My Natal Chart | Basic

ALL about YOU! A comprehensive cosmic personality portrait, based on  your unique heavenly DNA (1 hr). 


My Natal Chart | Extended

Delve & dive deeper into what makes you uniquely you. Your family ties, relationship dynamics, career aptitudes, private and public challenges &  adversities, including talents, traumas, themes concerning children, spouses, bosses, & more (1 hr). 


My Soul Path Chart

A Soul Path chart identifies  your spiritual mission in this life & karma & themes that carry over from past lives... A key component of this reading is the revelation of your unique spiritual mission in this life, & the delineation of situations & persons that will appear along your path to awaken you, galvanize you, & support you on your Soul Mission. This is a powerful chart reading, best suited for those who are spiritual seekers (1 hr). 


My Solar Return Chart

Heads Up! Astrological forecast for your path, themes, & life developments for the coming birthday year (1 hr).


Legal Matters Chart                                           $60

This reading focuses on questions concerning legal matters and outcomes, for yourself or another person, be it a career in law, divorce proceedings, other civil litigation, or criminal court matters. We can also look at the question of incarceration (1 hr).


These Make Great Gifts For Them (or For You)

New Baby Gift Chart

A beautiful baby shower gift (A full personality portrait with parenting tips, and professional design; delivered as digital PDF with audio recorded reading). 


My Romantic Interest's Chart

Women are from Venus & men are from Mars, right? Ehhh... Not exactly. Here we delve into what your crush (same sex, opposite sex) is all about. You must provide their birth date, & if known, time and location of birth (1 hr).


Our Compatibility Chart

Also known as "synastry," here we investigate whether marital or platonic partners are well suited, tips & tools for better relating, & if there are karmic ties (1 hr).


Destiny And My Soul Mate(s)  

What your Natal Chart says about your soul mate(s)... Their personality traits, zodiac energies, relationship dynamics, physical characteristics, sensual nature, & even where & how you will meet them - & whether there may be more than one (1 hr). 


Break-Up And Divorce Chart                          $60

Not all relationships were meant to last. Find out why, with a reading that digs into compatibility conflicts, and uncovers your personal astrological superpowers that you can harness to transcend betrayal, trauma, or heartbreak. This analysis will also examine what your chart reveals about domestic violence, if applicable / requested (1 hr).


Before booking, please be advised that astrological readings are for entertainment purposes only. While the stars can offer guidance, any decisions & actions that you take based on astrological information are your personal choice & responsibility. Astrological readings & information should at no time be regarded as medical, business, legal, financial or psychological advice, & are subject to your own interpretation & judgment. Our services are not a substitute for professional services, & it is always advised that you seek advice from any appropriate & relevant qualified experts.

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